Wordless Wednesday- Nov 10th

Barney….. chief critter catcher

Sorry, we did not post anything til now…. had a busy couple days with a sick kitty. He wasn’t well 2 days ago, started to improve yesterday a bit. Had some more serious symptoms today so he went to the walk in kitty hospital. (Atlantic Vet College) the bestest doctors ♡

He has some inflammation and pain so he on some meds for the next couple days. He had the nods on the way home and is now finally having a really good sleep. You can see the meds are taking away the pain and stress and letting him have a great sleep.

We don’t know exactly what he got into but something….. he has a heart murmur which makes things he goes through a little more stressful and serious for him… but he is one of our best critter catchers…

A Very Blessed Thanksgiving

We want to wish all our friends and family a very, very blessed Thanksgiving.

We are so grateful for God’s hand, protection, leading and guidance this year. We started the year with many uncertainties, but He was so good to bring us through.

Vanessa had some health challenges that began at the beginning of the year and now into the fall she is finally getting better.

God has taken care of our needs providing time in and again. God provided Russ and Bob with work and they have not gone without the means to provide for thier families.

The gardens even though not as full as they would normally be for veggie boxes provided a beautiful harvest that was eaten fresh all season and now canned and stored on our shelves for fall and winter.

We have an amazing stack of firewood going into the basement that will provide our old house with plenty of warmth this winter season.

The animals growing out in the barn area will provide lots of food for days, weeks, and months.

So we have so much to be grateful for and we thank God for the protection, health and provisions.

We also thank God for the freedom and ability to share our faith and His love to those around us♡.

If you don’t know Jesus, get to know Him he is the greatest part of our lives and He makes such a difference.

Our nephew got married again…

What to wear…..

We recently took part in our nephews wedding in rather of a sort of different way. Because of all the rules and mandates they originally got married in June, just a very small cohort of family because that was all they were allowed.

So they decided to get married on the original date and then with a bigger celebration later in the year when stuff opens up.

It wasn’t possible for us to travel to Ontario this month, September to see them get married in person so we watched online “live”.

So the big question was what to wear…..

Murdoch wanted in too…

We opted for something cozy and we settled in to watch Ryan & Kristina get married again in front of family and friends….. even looks like Carrie and her husband Chris made it all the way from the uk♡

It was a beautiful ceremony and and it brought back memories for us.

What a happy couple…

We wish them all the love and blessings as they embark on the biggest book of life with lots of amazing chapters. ❤ We love you both and welcome you to the Anthony family Kristina.

Vanessa (Russ too♡)