In 2013, Russ and Vanessa Anthony, a couple of forty-somethings (one more forty-something than the other), left their busy Ontario lifestyles to pursue a simpler yet more fulfilling life in the small community of Pleasant Valley on Prince Edward Island.

Vanessa and Russ

Vanessa and Russ

In moving to PEI, we were able to realize a twenty year dream to purchase and restore an old house – in this case, a one hundred year old farmhouse originally built as the manse to the local Methodist church.  From the foundation to the roof, our house needs serious rehab – and you can follow along each step of the way.

We are also avid gardeners and will be using every square-foot of our one-acre to plant, grow and harvest the majority of our vegetables and fruit.  While diehard self sufficiency isn’t our goal, we’ve always wanted to work towards a more self-reliant lifestyle.  We’ll still be buying what we can’t grow ourselves (c’mon, pineapple isn’t exactly a native PEI crop), but why not grow what we’re able to pull out of the ground ourselves?

Of course, growing a year’s-worth of produce presents another problem – keeping food edible for weeks and months at a time.  We’ll be sharing how we preserve much of our harvest by canning, pickling, freezing, dehydrating and cold-storage.  We’ll even throw in a couple of our favorite recipes.

Thanks for finding us and we hope you’ll enjoy reading more of our east-coast adventure.

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  1. Hey it’s Skip, just letting you know that Brooke and I have been looking through your website of your home/animal crypt and are really enjoying following what you have done so far and will stay updated. Don’t be afraid to drop a dime. Keep up the good work.

    ~Skip, Sue, and Brooke

  2. Hi Russ & Vanessa its chris B ! It looks like you have your hands full but it will come together and I am sure it will be nice.I have to say the outhouse does not sound fun, I hope you don’t have to use it this winter.LOL .We miss you! Best of luck and health.I will put it on favorites

  3. Hi and thanks for following us 🙂 We’re in total awe of the renovation project you are undertaking (leaves ours in the dust) and reckon we’re travelling in the same direction, albeit from different continents. Looking forward to following you realise your dream.

  4. Hey Russ and Vanessa, It’s Skip. Brooke and I are in town, do you want a couple visitors ? If not we’ll touch base later, let us know.

  5. This adventure you’re taking on is so awesome! 🙂 We’re so happy to see that you two are living out your dream together and taking us readers along for the ride too! We wish you the best in your house renovations…can’t wait to see how gorgeous your farm house will be when its all done!

  6. Hey Russ, Blessings to yourself and Vanessa… GREAT stuff you have going on here. Thanks for stopping by my post at GNOWFGLINS.com today on the bread in the Sun Oven. It is always nice to meet other like minded folks. Look forward to following your adventures as well. Feel free to check us out at TrayerWilderness.com. Blessings to you and yours… Tam

  7. I LOVE your renovations on the old house as well. Brought back memories for me. I grew up in a 200 year old stone farm house that my father gutted and redid. I cried when we moved in (it was a MESS), but WOW the rewards of sweat, blood and tears… Keep doin what your doin… We are now in a new phase of our lives living very traditionally 100% off-grid in the northern Idaho wilderness…

    • Thank you Tammy for the kind words and encouragement. I thought we had our hands full during our first year of transition – until I read more of your story (can I say “overwhelming”?) At any rate, it was so good to hear from you – and inspiring to boot! Look forward to hearing more and keeping in touch.

  8. So happy to have found this blog, I cant wait to read through all your adventures! My husband and I are working toward a similar dream. we want to move to Park Corner area from Ontario!

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  10. Hi Russ how is it going these days ? It has been a while ,how are you and Vanessa liking living on the island.I became a grandpa a year ago July and his name is Odyn he is my sons son also lori has a granddaughter from her son,her name is Delilah and she is almost 1year old.We have our hands full babysitting,however it is a lot of fun.Work has changed a lot since you left we have only 7carpenters 3 drywall – painters and 2 water tecks and 3 cleaners ,now they have about12 or so pms and 10 to 12 pmas .On call really sucks almost on 1 night a week and every 4 to 5 weekends Skip is golfing in North Carolina four 2 weeks.Cris finally paved the driveway at work lol.Hope your well chat later.

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