Our nephew got married again…

What to wear…..

We recently took part in our nephews wedding in rather of a sort of different way. Because of all the rules and mandates they originally got married in June, just a very small cohort of family because that was all they were allowed.

So they decided to get married on the original date and then with a bigger celebration later in the year when stuff opens up.

It wasn’t possible for us to travel to Ontario this month, September to see them get married in person so we watched online “live”.

So the big question was what to wear…..

Murdoch wanted in too…

We opted for something cozy and we settled in to watch Ryan & Kristina get married again in front of family and friends….. even looks like Carrie and her husband Chris made it all the way from the uk♡

It was a beautiful ceremony and and it brought back memories for us.

What a happy couple…

We wish them all the love and blessings as they embark on the biggest book of life with lots of amazing chapters. ❤ We love you both and welcome you to the Anthony family Kristina.

Vanessa (Russ too♡)

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