Wordless Wednesday Oct 12, 2022

It’s been a while…..

Just a little hurricane Fiona update

It’s been too many days since Sept 24th…. we are doing well, we still have lots without power…. most of our neighbors finally got power this past Monday. The island will never look the same:(

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers♡

Wordless Wednesday – March 23rd

Wordless Wednesday has a few words.

Thanks to everyone who reached out with kindness in our time of loss♡❤♡ it means so much to us.

So progress is a little slower this week but we do have some progress. We worked on the window trim in the addition. The west window is complete but the set of 3 windows facing south are partially complete.

We have the top portion ready but we are just waiting for our lights so that we can cut out the holes in the upper portion where the lights will sit. Other then that they are done and waiting for final painting.

Look for another post later this week as we have been working on doors🙃😲🙃

She looks beautiful

Wordless Wednesday – January 12th

The insulation master at his best. Even on the very cold but warmer day in January he works hard to get her done. It’s -12 as I type… was -24 this morning….. brrrr those are the temps without the windchill factored in.

Wiring and plumbing are roughed in and now we are insulating the addition.

Gonna be really nice having the extra bathroom…. and the new laundry/pantry area.

What else do you do on a snowy day waiting for the next 2 snowstorm/blizzards.

Add a bit of pink warmth♡

How about funky fridays

Didn’t get a chance to post our Wordless Wednesdays the last 2 weeks…..sorry, so let’s do something different today.

Funky Friday in the workshop. Russ is working hard bringing back new life to the old doors…. removing the old layers of paint and stain…. great job for someone with OCD tendencies…. he is meticulous!

Might need a new pair of gloves…