Winter Preparation Chores

Yes, I did say the “w” word. It’s hard to believe but we are half way through September and we have a big homestead chore to finish.

We heat our house primarily with wood, so every year Matt or Joey delivers our logs. Rusty cuts them to the appropriate size and I usually load up the tractor and they get stacked.

This year Rusty is doing most of the wood chore, I am helping when I can but most of it is his responsibility. He has been hard at work cutting and stacking. We have about 2+ chord of wood through the basement window that just needs to be split and stacked. That will be my chore once most of the canning and preserving is done.

We do share the responsibility of getting the wood prepped and it is such a nice feeling when most of it is stacked and ready to go.

It was such a beautiful day today so while I worked on a few garden chores and some canning prep my awesome hubby stacked…♡♡

My scary shadow
No ocd tendencies whatsoever….
The grass has never been so green at this time of year.
This is what it looked like last year.
Not bad….

In the last picture you can see my log splitter…. nifty little thing… makes great kindling too♡ Vanessa

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